Training materials

PDF Module 1: How the lawful processing of personal data can be a competitive advantage (PDF, EN, 529 KB)
PDF Modulе 2: The new developments in the roles and responsibilities of the data controllers and data processors (PDF, EN, 398 KB)
PDF Modulе 3: The new challenges in processing special categories of data (PDF, EN, 601 KB)
PDF Modulе 4: Privacy by design and privacy by default (PDF, EN, 402 KB)
PDF Modulе 5: How to use personal data in a legal way in order to boost our marketing activities (PDF, EN, 443 KB)
PDF Modulе 6: International transfers (PDF, EN, 545 KB)
PDF Modulе 7: Big data and AI the new horizon (PDF, EN, 710 KB)
PDF Modulе 8: Opportunities and challenges for the business envisaged in the 2020 European Strategy for Data (PDF, EN, 866 KB)


PDF D4.2 Project leaflet (PDF, EN, 4 MB)
PDF D4.3 Presentation slides (PDF, EN, 1 MB)


Final International Conference of the SMEDATA Project, 28 October 2020

Presentation by H. Alaminov (CPDP) (PPSX, EN, 477 KB) Presentation by I. Yaneva (EY Bulgaria) (PDF, EN, 251 KB)
Presentation by H. Konstantinov (APIS) (PDF, EN, 1.81 MB) Video recording of the conference

Training of trainers, Bulgaria, 2-3 and 4-5 November 2020

Presentation by H. Alaminov (PPSX, BG, 2.21 MB) Presentation by I. Yaneva (PDF, BG, 895 KB)
Case 1: Right to erasure (PDF, BG, 582 KB) Case 2: Right of access by the data subject (PDF, BG, 600 KB)
Case 3: Privacy policy (PDF, BG, 608 KB) Case 4: Privacy notice (PDF, BG, 587 KB)
Case 5: Personal data of employees and customers (PDF, BG, 585 KB) Case 6: Transfers of personal data to third countries (PDF, BG, 580 KB)

Training of trainers, Italy, 17-18 and 24-25 September 2020

Presentation by A. Fiaschi (PDF, IT, 932 KB) Presentation by C. Borghi (part 1) (PDF, IT, 636 KB)
Presentation by C. Borghi (part 2) (PDF, IT, 792 KB) Presentation by D. Gentilini, D. De-Paoli (PDF, IT, 547 KB)
Presentation by F. Cioffi, M. Coppotelli (PDF, IT, 1.62 MB) Presentation by G. Giuliano (PDF, IT, 1.17 MB)
Presentation by L. Versace (PDF, IT, 864 KB) Presentation by M. C. Dolmetta (PDF, IT, 490 KB)
Video recording of the training from 17.09.2020 Video recording of the training from 18.09.2020
Video recording of the training from 24.09.2020 Video recording of the training from 25.09.2020

International conference, Sofia, 29.11.2019

Presentation by A. Kuyumdzhieva (EC) (PDF, EN, 533 KB) Presentation by D. Luters-Thuemmel (EWLA) (PDF, EN, 1.61 MB)
Presentation by L. Carrozzi (Italian DPA) (PDF, EN, 742 KB) Presentation by A. Calvo (Spanish DPA) (PDF, EN, 1,32 MB)
Video recording of the conference


PDF SMEDATA Newsletter Issue 1 (PDF, EN, 299 KB)
PDF SMEDATA Newsletter Issue 2 (PDF, EN, 756 KB)
PDF SMEDATA Newsletter Issue 3 (PDF, EN, 653 KB)
PDF SMEDATA Newsletter Issue 4 (PDF, EN, 634 KB)


PDF D2.1 Survey Methodology and Questionnaire (PDF, EN, 399 KB)
PDF D2.2 Survey Report (PDF, EN, 2.12 MB)
PDF D2.3 Training Methodology (PDF, EN, 1.26 MB)
D2.5 Methodology for validation of SMEDATA Project’s data protection learning (PDF, EN, 536 KB)
D2.6 Evaluation Report (PDF, EN, 520 KB)
D3.1 Report on the Survey Analysis of SMEs as Data Controllers in Light of GDPR (PDF, EN, 1 MB)
D3.2 Expert Workshops – Common criteria for a multi-sector self-assessment and awareness tool (PDF, EN, 766 KB)
D3.4 Self-assessment and awareness tool (PDF, EN, 1.19 MB)
D4.2 Mobile application (beta version) (PDF, EN, 2.55 MB)
D4.3 Mobile application (final version) (PDF, EN, 4 MB)
D5.1 Project Website (PDF, EN, 734 KB)
D5.2 Plan for Dissemination and Communication (PDF, EN, 462 KB)
D5.5 Project Leaflet (PDF, EN, 658 KB)
D5.6 Presentation Slides (PDF, EN, 1 MB)
D5.8 Legal Tribune (PDF, BG/EN, 16.5 MB)
D5.9 Articles (PDF, BG/IT, 10.5 MB)
D5.10 Press releases (PDF, BG/EN, 550 KB)

Presentation at the project kick-off meeting

Presentation of the SMEDATA project demonstrated at the kick-off meeting in Brussels on December 3, 2018 (PPSX, EN, 1.1 MB)

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