Awareness and Training

Provision of updated awareness-raising and training events under WP2 will directly address the need of additional knowledge and competences in implementing the GDPR in everyday processing procedures. To this end, we will organise 6 regional awareness raising events (3 in Bulgaria and 3 in Italy). The expected number of participants to be reached within the 6 training events is 800.

The awareness and training activities under WP2 involve also updating the package of training materials from the preceding project, launching a specialised section of the project website supporting and complementing the training activities, and elaboration of an evaluation methodology.

Project partners pay special attention to multiplying training, which is considered as a powerful instrument for ensuring a sustainable, long-term effect of the project results. Since the project is targeting particularly broad groups of SMEs, partners have planned in WP2, Activity 3 streaming and recording awareness and training events for representatives of business and professional organisations long after the completion of the SMEDATA II project.

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